The most precious gift you can give a child is freedom and encouragement to participate in daily life in a harmonious loving well prepared environment.

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Thank you for stopping by to learn a little about the special space we inhabit, here in Lake Cathie.

At My Place Early Learning Centre, we hold a holistic space for your child’s learning and development journey, whether they are 6 weeks old or preparing for kindergarten. A cosy boutique style early learning centre tucked away in a leafy rural setting with the sound of birdsong adding to the serenity.


Convenient and a great alternative to Port Macquarie residents

My Place Early Learning Centre is a stone’s throw from the heart of Lake Cathie and conveniently located for the Port Macquarie commute. A great alternative for our Port Macquarie families seeking the unique offerings of a small setting with an oversized playground on an acreage, situated just 11km from Lighthouse Plaza, Port Macquarie.


We cater for up to 56 children per day

We cater for up to 56 children per day, making My Place Early Learning Centre the most idyllic and abundant setting for children who love freedom of space, our expansive playground provides children with a world of opportunities for developing and practicing a myriad of skills.

Each of the four home-like learning communities flow onto their own quaint alfresco playgrounds and/or the main playground, making indoor/outdoor learning a breeze at any time of year!