The following key elements are the underpinnings of our philosophy:

  • Wellbeing is approached in a holistic manner, nurturing the child’s emotional, social, psychological and physical development. Acknowledging that mental health is something that should be nurtured early, tapping into the child’s absorbent mind to equip them with resilience and a sense of empowerment.

  • Mindfulness is intertwined within our pedagogical approach, as being ‘present’ with our thoughts, hearts and interactions is becoming a lost art.

  • Creating a harmonious space that equally encapsulates the essence of authentic joy and peace, one that nourishes a child’s innate tendencies, enabling him/her to unfold into an empowered being.

  • Recognising that what we refer to as ‘space’ encompasses not only the physical environment but the psychological and spiritual space nurtured by our team.

  • Building meaningful connections between self and the environment.

  • Learning is a by-product of exploring and engaging with a mix of purposeful and open ended materials.

  • Our educators are ‘facilitators’ to children’s innate desire to ‘learn’ and thus embrace an emergent curriculum, enabling children to guide us with their interests using the Project Approach.

  • Home-like structured learning environments based on a fusion of Montessori and the *SPELL framework.
  • Nurturing and guiding children’s innate tendencies for learning and exploring, supporting their journey with a responsive, ‘why not!’

  • Supporting harmonious relationships; first with self, the micro-community, which is My Place and our local community.

*The SPELL framework was developed by the National Autistic Society (NAS) UK and is used to maximise life and learning opportunities for children with Autism:


Clear orderly environment to support children’s sense of belonging and capacity to make independent choices and return activities as they found them.

Positive Approaches

Establish and reinforce self-confidence and self-esteem by building on natural strengths, interests and abilities.


Educators demonstrate empathy for children’s individual learning and development journeys.

Low Arousal

Minimal visual noise, clutter and lighting.


Links between agencies and within the community.

At My Place Early Learning Centre, we believe that an Autism friendly environment is beneficial for children of all abilities.