Committed to nurture your children

My Place Early Learning Centre are proud to offer a wonderful close-knit team who share commonalities such as passion for working with children and families, gentle personalities, humility, genuine warmth and kindness, traits you would desire in educators guiding and nurturing your child.


consists of 3 university trained teachers, diploma and certificate qualified educators

Our team are handpicked for their personal attributes as well as their professional skills and qualifications. A passion for children, community and personal commitment to health and wellbeing is a must and something we like to nurture within our team.

Whether you’re a first time parent dropping your baby off to our nursery, preparing your child for transitioning to primary school or a seasoned parent, you will find our responsive team are able to meet both your child and family’s needs.


A big part of the magic at My Place Early Learning Centre is due to the special people who are part of the tapestry, weaving their stories, making it a living breathing energetic fabric, dynamic in nature, evolving alongside your child.

Educators on our casual relief list are ‘familiar’ faces who have an established rapport with all stakeholders. We are committed to providing continuity of care and education for our families.